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Naftoremont-Naftobudowa provides repair, modernization and investment services for the refinery and petrochemical industry, chemical and energy industries. In addition, it runs investments in the GW formula and works in the mechanical, anti-corrosion and insulation branches.


The offer applies to services both in-house and abroad services.


1. Tanks - Prefabrication, supply and installation of storage tanks of carbon and austenitic steel

  • Ground Liquid fuel storage tanks (API 650, EN 14015)
  • Tanks for water
  • Cryogenic tanks
  • LNG tanks
  • gasometers
  • silos

      2. Shell-and-tube heat exchangers (ASME-EN) - supply, prefabrication and installation

      3. Process furnaces and heaters - prefabrication, installation and modernization

      • Cracking furnaces
      • Delayed coking ovens
      • Feedstock for furnaces and heating reformers
      • Furnaces for atmospheric and vacuum distillation
      • Platform and cylindrical furnaces
      • Radiant and convection sections of furnaces and heaters (ASME and EN)

      4. Delivery of prefabrication and erection of steel structures

      • Supporting structures
      • Air and flue ducts
      • chimneys
      • Platforms, stairs, railings

      5. Supply and installation of piping prefabrication of carbon steel and alloy steel (ASME, EN)

      6. Fitting devices and technological devices

      • Columns and process reactors
      • Heat exchangers
      • pumps
      • Cooling towers

      7. Construction and repair services during stops of refinery and petrochemical installations (stand-ups)

      8. Installation of hydrogen (HGU)

      9. Construction of transmission pipelines and gas pipelines

      10. Modernization and development of facilities and industrial installations

      11. Structures of towers of tower cranes

      12. Heat insulation

      13. Regeneration of fittings and safety valves

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